AI: Aerospace Institute was founded in May 2000 within the frame of the Technology Transfer Program at Berlin University of Technology (TU Berlin). In March 2007, the complementary company AI: Aerospace Innovation GmbH was launched in order to provide complete system solutions and products in the field of aerospace.

AI: Aerospace Institute and AI: Aerospace Innovation GmbH are centres of competence for strategic and technological aerospace-related questions, precursors for new and innovative technologies as well as providers of environmentally friendly and cost-efficient rocket propulsion systems for terrestrial and orbital operation. Due to a long-standing experience in research and education along with extensive and detailed experimental work, both entities are characterised by a unique technical know-how in the area of space subsystem design and rocket propulsion.

Being close to the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (ILR) at TU Berlin, AI: Aerospace Institute as well as AI: Aerospace Innovation GmbH supports a closer integration of research and industry. Aerospace Institute is also founder member of the RIBB (Raumfahrtinitiative Berlin-Brandenburg), a space industry network in Germany's capital region.


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