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The range of activities of AI: Aerospace Institute mainly includes system investigations (e.g. studies for the development and evaluation of ISRU, NEO and Lunar and Martian exploration scenarios) and trend analyses (e.g. pay-off-, trade-off- and cost analyses for current and future space systems and missions), but also numerical simulations of complex dynamic processes (e.g. combustion in rocket motors) as well as feasibility investigations and development activities for new aerospace technologies and systems.

In addition, AI: Aerospace Institute is specialised in the development, manufacturing and qualification of demonstrators and prototypes for innovative system solutions. As a member of the local space industry network RIBB (Raumfahrtinitiative Berlin-Brandenburg), AI: Aerospace Institute has direct access to production, qualification and test facilities on highest international standards such as certified facilities for vibration, shock, thermal vacuum and radiation testing.

System & Trend
Space System
Special Solutions &
Market Analysis Modeling of Space Transportation Systems Storable & Cryogenic
Liquid Propulsion
Knowledge Based Systems
Mission Analysis Modeling & Design of Spacecraft Subsystems Solid & Hybrid
Information Technology Solutions & Data Bases
Cost & Strategy Analysis Flight Trajectory Calculation & Optimization Electric Propulsion Earth Observation Systems
Project Planning & Management Mechanical & Thermal Engineering Advanced Propulsion Environmental Analysis
Activities of AI: Aerospace Institute

AI: Aerospace Institute presently focuses on technology development for space subsystems like innovative small satellite separation systems and propulsion systems based on space qualified components as well as cooperative activities in the field of launch services and Earth observation mission preparation.


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